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"Greetings from HOME, My Beautiful Beings of Light.

I AM Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger,

of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace. "




   ISBN 978-1-4116-6886-7   Print Edition


 ISBN 978-1-105-62004-1  E-Reader Edition  The Remembrance of I AM

"The Remembrance of I AM" An Inner Journey of Self Discovery. A Channeled Course From Archangel Michael                                                                                                     

 by Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Library Of Congress Control Number 20020848

2nd Edition: ISBN 978-1-4116-6886-7


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This is a Channeled Course of Inner Self Discovery from Archangel Michael. The exercises and in depth lessons explore, Talking To The Universe, Why you selected your parents and relationships, colors, the Chakra System, cutting cords, releasing thinks that no longer serve your Highest Good. It includes breaking agreements and what judgments do to both parties involved. It is packed with enlightening learning material and exercises to help one uncover the You That You Really are. It is a very powerful tool in the inner exploration of your true Spiritual Self.

An Excerpt From The Course Manual:

"Beautiful Beings Of Light the question becomes how do you get the butterfly (The I AM) out of the box? The butterfly has always been there. The physical body that houses the butterfly has not.

Welcome Beloveds! you have been expected. Did you not realize that today when you picked up this manual that you would be starting a journey of special significance."

We are asked quite frequently about classes and all day seminars. From time to time we do offer classes within the Dallas, Texas area; however due to the channel working full time outside the home it is difficult to fit all the teaching in. We therefore offer a self paced course  This is the same material that is taught through our classes and seminars.

The Self Paced Course consists of a 312 page course manual 6" X 9" perfect bound called "The Remembrance of I AM" An Inner Journey Of Self Discovery, A Channeled Course From Archangel Michael

The Remembrance of I AM is a channeled course from Archangel Michael for all those that have stepped on to their spiritual path and are ready to go further.

 Archangel Michael draws One back into themselves to remember the Soul’s journey and mission within the NOW.

 The material lifts One up so that they may learn to hear their own inner guidance.

This is a self paced course and for those that are ready it will lead to many new openings of awareness and bring One closer to remembering who they really are along with why they are here.

The class provides self paced steps in learning how to go within yourself and begin the remembrance process to find your own most perfect answers. This is assisting you to empower yourself. For no one else can provide the inner answers only you.

It provides tools on how to communicate with the Universe;

How to talk to your Angels, Guides and Spiritual Family, Higher Self;

Exercises to assist you in uncovering the I AM within you,

How to begin empowering yourself;

The Course provides exercises and trigger questions that bring information to the surface.  This helps you to review those things that need to be healed including all types of relationships.

It offers you an opportunity to see what no longer serves your highest good so that it can be released.

Information and instruction on the chakra system and toning and it's relationships with color and your health.

Using color within your lives to assist you in identifying what colors mean to you and how they are affecting your life.

Meditations, Affirmations, and messages from Archangel Michael to assist your learning along the way.

Of course no one but you can ascertain that which you need to do for yourself. You are the only one that can change you. The tools are very powerful and useful for those that are ready to make a commitment, put forth intent, those that can work well on their own and do the work.

Archangel Michael has guided each step of this material including down to how the pages are organized within the course manual.

If you are ready to make this commitment to yourself this will assist you in your process to find out who you really are.

"The Remembrance of I AM "is a self paced course. There are no grades, judgments or failures. What you put into the process will be the results. This is a very private process and thus others expectations play no part in this program.


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