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We Invite You to Enjoy Archangel Michael's Monthly Channeled Messages for Humanity.

Step UP and BE the Change You Want to SEE...You Have the Awesome Power

of Greatness all Around You...Embrace IT...Step In It...and BE It

"Greetings from HOME, My Beautiful Beings of Light.

I AM Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger,

of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace. "




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  ISBN 978-0-557-07166-1   Print Edition


 ISBN 978-1-105-61698-3  E-Reader Edition  Going Up Hold On to Your Angels


Welcome to Going Up Hold On To Your Angels

Book V Of The Collection Archangel Michael Speaks.

This book contains forty-one timeless channeled Archangel Michael messages of love, guidance, information and so much more. Each message contains a special meditation pertaining to that specific message so that the reader can practice going within themselves that will help them remember how to obtain their own most perfect information and answers. It provides keys and insights into how to ask questions of your Higher Guidance Within. It demonstrates clearing exercises and information related to releasing old stuck energies. It outlines how to create a Spiritual Time Line and how to spot the Saboteur Archetype. It shares Spiritual hugs, spiritual gifts, hope and unconditional love. Who doesn't need to hear about their very own Heart Song or how to upgrade your Spiritual Software?


Library Of Congress Control Number: 2009905078

ISBN 978-0557-07166-1  (Print Edition)

360 Pages

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An Excerpt from the book:

Chapter 1

Your Are The Artist of Your Life


Dear Ones you are truly the Artists of your Lives. Each moment within the NOW you are painting a picture of what is occurring next in your presence.


It is time to step back and take that responsibility seriously so that you paint a pleasant picture, One that you want to be your current reality.


Each of the messages enclosed within these pages is here to speak to you personally on a multitude of levels.


Are you willing to allow yourself this special time to do your inner work?


Your Angels and Guides are circled around you now as your read My Beloveds, waiting for your decision to invite them in to be with you, as you walk through your contracted experiences.


The most interesting and fun way to work with this book by the way My Divine Beings of Grace, is to ask your Angels to help you select the message that you are to read that day. Simple mentally speak to your Angels in your imagination. Ask them to assist you in opening this book to the very message and passage that will be the most meaningful for you today.


Granted that sounds simple and you will probably say Archangel Michael that can’t be but on some level what you read within that moment has an impact on some portion of your awareness, whether it is on your direct level or a higher plane of existence where your Higher Guidance resides.

You are so much grander My Beings of Light than you can ever believe yourselves to be. Allow this Messenger to assist you in your remembrance My Lovely Beings Of Grace. It is time to wake up from your current slumber and remember your Origins.  You came from the Heavens because you are sparks of The DIVINE.


Do it for yourselves and do it for those you love, but most of all do it for The Universe. Your talents and puzzle pieces are in need right now, My Divine Children of The ONE.


I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator’s Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace.



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