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"Greetings from HOME, My Beautiful Beings of Light.

I AM Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger,

of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace. "




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"Note To Self: Ask For More Angels "

Book VI of The Collection Archangel Michael Speaks

More Channeled Messages and Exercises from Archangel Michael. Each of the Channeled Messages has a guided meditation allowing each reader to experience what the message was actually discussing. The readers have found this approach to be very insightful. The messages contain information, sometimes spiritual gifts, often times processes to use for example clearing the Chakra system. There are also some messages that encourage rest, fun and play. Each journey is different and each brings more and more depth to the spiritual journey that one finds themselves walking through. Archangel Michael believes in active participation by the reader to lift them up higher and higher on their spiritual spiral of evolution. It is through remembering that one finds the road to self- actualization.


Excerpt From Book:

Chapter 1

Archangel Michael’s Opening

Today is the first day of your life My Beautiful Beings of Light, how will you spend this wonderful gift?

Often times My Beloveds, the smallest things are overlooked as just being normal and required by your humanness.

Each moment My Divine Beings of Grace is a gift and deserves your pondering on what would honor your Soul the most.

You are here within the Earth Plane My Beloveds to bring forth your own very special puzzle piece that only you have. It is your mission to place it into the correct position on the Earth Plane puzzle board.

You ask, “Archangel Michael how do I know what that puzzle piece is and how can I place it on something the human physical eyes cannot see?” The Answer My Divine Beings of Light is within you. You have all your information within you and it is your job to learn to connect with that information for your own most perfect guidance.

Connecting with that inner guidance is part of your individual mission within this Earth Plane play. Locating that guidance is one of your major responsibilities and it appears is the hardest for most to comprehend and execute.

Tuning into your own guidance requires focus and intent to research and bring out the data from within your own personal Spiritual databanks and Soul Essence files.

Only you have the keys My Beloveds to this very private storage facility. A psychic cannot uncover it for you, a third party cannot uncover it for you, and it is your direct job to retrieve this information in the privacy of your own internal realm.

Then with that information, it is also your job to activate and use the information that you have sourced.

Meditation is one of the most direct ways to access this data storage location. Another is through your dream states, your daydreams, hypnosis is another. Walking in nature is another way; some connect with that still quiet voice within.

My Beloveds, a guided meditation accompanies the channeled messages just for this purpose.  This is your resource to use each month to tap into your own awareness. Take the time and read the messages along with sitting down with each meditation. You might think you will need to listen to the meditation through your physical ears in order to receive the benefit, but My Beloveds this is not the case. The You That You Really Are has so many levels of awareness and each one of those levels will receive exactly what it needs from each session. Even if “you” the human thinks it absurd, the message will be absorbed by the part of you that needed the data anyway. So move your ego self aside read the message and meditation and know without a shadow of a doubt that the part of you that needed the information received it.

My Divine Light Beings working with the mediation for a full week is the optimum thing to schedule into your time lines for the most effective use and integration of information.

My Beloveds this book will help you in so many ways. You may read it hopefully from cover to cover working with each section sequentially.

You may ask your Angels or Spirit Guides to recommend the right meditation for you to use that day by simply making that intention mentally and opening the book randomly to the correct meditation page.

You many also use it for instant inspiration. Pick up the book giving intent to receive some Divine Guidance for the day. Next open the book to any section and read the very first thing that catches your attention. This section is what you really needed for the day whether you fully understood that or not something within you needed to hear those written words.

It could also be that you are to provide inspiration for another that day. So keep what you read in mind in case it applies to someone else you are talking to during the day 

The general rule to use is to be open, allow and accept what is given and then send gratitude for the information provided.  

Enjoy the messages, meditations, prayers, exercises and embrace the opportunity to walk on your spiritual path each day.

I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator’s Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace


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