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The Archangel's Pen


Welcome, Dear Ones, to the Archangel's Pen.

We Invite You to Enjoy Archangel Michael's Monthly Channeled Messages for Humanity.

Step UP and BE the Change You Want to SEE...You Have the Awesome Power

of Greatness all Around You...Embrace IT...Step In It...and BE It

"Greetings from HOME, My Beautiful Beings of Light.

I AM Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger,

of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace. "




Testimonial Page


"I have had the pleasure of experiencing many types of hypnosis sessions by this very talented lady. Each one was extremely helpful and enlightening. She was a sensitive and thorough guide for my past life regressions and life between lives regression. She also used hypnosis to help me with issues of cravings and a recurrent health issue. I always enjoy having hypnosis sessions with her and trust her completely. It is easy to relax and focus because I know I am in good hands. Thank you, Carolyn - "Tracye Eppler


"Carolyn's confidence in her skills as a certified hypnotist immediately put me at ease when I arrived for my Life Between Life Hypnosis Regression session.  Her warmth and sincerity enabled me to trust and let go. Through her facilitation, I was able to go deeper than I had ever gone before in sessions with other a result transformation and healing were able to take place.  If you are seeking a bridge to find a deeper understanding of yourself, I highly recommend Carolyn Ann O'Riley. " June Sloan


"Carolyn is an absolute pleasure to work with and her energy puts you at ease immediately.  This was the first time I had a Past Life Regression session and a Life Between Lives session.  Carolyn patiently walks you through the process and answers all of your questions.  The sessions fulfilled my desire for answers to some personal issues.  I was able to obtain those answers because I trusted Carolyn almost immediately.  I left her appointments feeling more joyful and hopeful than when I arrived.  Carolyn's services are highly recommended. " ~ m. ziegler


"Happy Birthday Carolyn, It's Your Day... Relax with your ‘feet-up’! .. Well done.
Oh!! Don't forget to keep inspiring us all being an ‘Outstanding Woman’. You really are so significant to so many - even people you don’t even know.
Thanks for being you and delighting us.
Feel free to use these wishes on your own testimonial page and tell the world what we all think about you."
Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh x
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Make the Impossible - Possible℠
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