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"Greetings from HOME, My Beautiful Beings of Light.

I AM Archangel Michael, The Creator's Messenger,

of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace. "




Angles Are With You NOW!

Book VII

of the Collection Archangel Michael Speaks


  Print Version: ISBN 978-1-105-79352-3


  E-PUB Version: ISBN 978-1-105-80887-6 (iPad & Nook version)

                                 E-Reader PDF Version also Available



More wonderful channeled Archangel Michael messages with meditations that are always timely. This book also contains many

exercises to assist our readers in voicing their Divinity; Speaking in I AM Ascending Affirmations, Life Event Sequencing Review;

Working with Relationships; Trigger Questions; Disbursing Negative Energies, Universal Agreements to Break and many more building

and releasing exercises. Inner work is the key to raising your frequency levels higher and higher.


Excerpt: Chapter 1: Opening Message from Archangel Michael

My Beautiful Beings of Light, it is delightful to meet again here on the pages of this book. You each gave intent to be right where you are at this very moment in NOW long before you actually ever stepped foot onto the physical Earth Plane.

 It is such a privilege and honor to work with each one of you again. All you need do is call this Messengerís name and within a flash this Messenger will be standing right there in the Etheric next to you. Allow this Messenger to assist you in whatever way is for your highest good. Let this Messenger reiterate that you do not need 3rd parties for this communication to take place. You can speak directly to this Messenger within your mind telepathically. It is as simply as you forming a conversation in your mind. Some of you might have the skills and gifts to hear this Messengerís replies audibly. If these are not your gifts donít despair , this Messenger will find a way to communicate with you. Remove the expectations of how that conversation will take place and just allow the communication to evolve in whatever way is used. 

 My Beloveds, Angels are with you NOW. You have always had your very own Angels with you from the very beginning. The Creator would never allow you to come to this place all alone. Even though you cannot see them you have always had the presence of your very own Angels and Spirit Guides.

 The messages, exercises and material in this book will assist you in jogging free those questions and show you how to obtain the answers within your own awareness. It isnít necessary to have audio recordings to work with the meditations. Your  reading them My Beloveds is all that is required. Work with those journeys and re-read them over and over this will provide the intent and also pry open the closed door to your own Higher Wisdom.

 The door My Beloveds, to your Higher Wisdom was never officially closed but a veil was put in place until such time that you became ready to remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

 My Beautiful Being of Grace, it is time to remove the veil and begin seeing and remembering what is on the other side. You have been there time and time again. The journey into a new incarnation and back has become rote youíve done it so often. That familiarity will start returning when you are ready to make that step.

 Accept and acknowledge that Angels Are With You NOW. They need your invitation. Invite them into your physical life and begin the journey you came here to remember.

 My Beautiful Beings of Light, You are that Spark of the Divine, remember your magnificence.

 I Am Archangel Michael, The Creatorís Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace.


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